Spill Response & Site Remediation

Hazardous material spills happen without warning - at all hours. Your response must be quick and correct. But just cleaning up the spill is not enough. Many times the area where the spill occurs must be "remediated" or cleaned up.

WSI can, and does, provide spill response and site remediation services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WSI has the capability to quickly respond to a spill or other emergency, analyze the nature and extent of the problem, recommend ecologically sound and cost- effective solutions, and implement containment and clean up activities for successful completion of a specific task.

Our emergency response personnel are professionally trained to minimize risk. They have the know-how and experience to safely handle hazardous material releases, thus protecting human health and the environment.

WSI also carries a full line of materials to meet your emergency spill cleaning needs.

For timely, professional response to emergency spills, WSI is the solution.

24-Hour Emergency Number:

(501) 888-4323

WSI provides the most cost-effective treatment solution for the specific problem identified at each individual site. The WSI team of remedial action specialists serve the client by providing a cost-effective solution with cost-effective service.

Listing of Services

  • Site Cleanup and Restoration
  • Groundwater Cleanup and Restoration
  • Soil Cleanup and Replenishment
  • Lagoon Cleanup and Restoration
  • Industrial Pretreatment/Treatment Systems Process Waste Site Cleanup


WSI is a distributor of a variety of emergency and spill response supplies. This is unique, in that we inventory hard to find materials at our facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These supplies include:


• Booms • Pads • Rolls • Socs • Drip Pans • Vermiculite • Oil Dri • Corn Cob


• Drum Crusher (Compactor) • River Boom • Visqueen • Barricade Tape • Storage Cabinets • Shovels (Spark Proof) • Scrapers • Squeegees

Bailers(PVC) Weighted/Non Weighted

Bulk Storage Tanks

DOT Containers

• Open Top Drums • Tighthead Drums (Poly & Steel) • Salvage Drums (Poly & Steel) • Fibre Drums • Plastic Pails • Steel Pails • Fluorescent Light Boxes

Container Accessories

• Drum Funnels • Drum Liners • Drum Dollies • Drum Sling Spill • Pallets Spill Kits

Labels (Full Line)

Placards (Full Line)

Personal Protective Equipment

• Respirators • Cartridges • Gloves • Suits • Tyvek • Saranex • Front Line • Responder